Radio in Figma

Interactive Radio component for Figma

Responsive Radio component for Figma. Over 25 variants. Free for personal & commercial use.

Basic example

Check out the full pallete of Radio component variants for Figma below.

You might find it useful if you're looking for:

  • Exclusive Single Choice Selection
  • Survey or Questionnaire Options
  • Preference Selection in Forms
  • Filtering by Single Category
  • Rating or Likert Scales

Full design system

Material Minimal design system is an improved version of the classic Material Design.

On the one hand, Material Minimal appreciates and uses the standard created by Google, and on the other hand improves it, giving it lightness, subtlety, and elegance.

Material Minimal seeks a golden mean between the naturalness of the real world and the functionality necessary in the digital world. USE MATERIAL MINIMAL FOR FREE

Make sure to leave a 💓 on the community page to motivate the designers that published the system for free!

You can easily use a Material Minimal style Dropdown component in Bootstrap & Tailwind CSS - thanks to compatible UI Kits.