Screen Sizes

Bootstrap 5 Screen Sizes component

Responsive Screen Sizes built with Bootstrap 5. Check default pixel widths for different screen sizes supported by Bootstrap 5 responsiveness features.

Bootstrap supports six default viewport widths. These presets can be changes or expanded upon, if you’re using our source Sass files.

Breakpoint Class infix Dimensions
X-Small None 0–576px
Small sm ≥576px
Medium md ≥768px
Large lg ≥992px
Extra large xl ≥1200px
Extra extra large xxl ≥1400px

Each width is a multiple of 12. They are adjusted to the most common device viewport sizes.

Make sure to check out the main Breakpoints documentation for more customization options & media queries.

            $grid-breakpoints: ( xs: 0, sm: 576px, md: 768px, lg: 992px, xl: 1200px, xxl: 1400px );