Alibaba homepage

Experimental project created by the community of MDB

"Alibaba homepage" by Michal Szymanski


The largest Chinese eCommerce portal recreated in Material Design 2.0 using MDB 5.

The project includes a home page with typical, advanced eCommerce navigation (double navbar + sidenav) and multiple media containers for presenting products.

Live demo & source code

From the creator, about the project:


Michal Szymanski

This project was similar to the Amazon project I had created a little earlier. In general, eCommerce projects have their own relatively rigid patterns that you have to follow.

On the one hand, this restricts the space for creativity a bit, but on the other hand, it provides a better experience for end users.

The fact that eCommerce portals are standardized allows users to find them better because they intuitively know where to look. And despite the limitations that this standardization imposes, I believe that this is a good direction.