Facebook profile page

Experimental project created by the community of MDB

"Facebook profile page" by Michal Szymanski


Profile page of the most famous social networking site recreated in Material Design using MDB 5.

The project includes the user's profile page, along with the top navigation, cover photo, profile photo, and below that typical two-column layout with account information, and user news feed.

Live demo & source code

From the creator, about the project:


Michal Szymanski

I love this project.

I honestly admit that Facebook itself did a good job of designing new user profiles, so the task I saw in front of me was mainly to add lightness typical of MDB to this project.

The effect exceeded my expectations. The design is not only very clear, but also incredibly light. The cards look like soft clouds in the bright sky. Rarely do I have the opportunity to enjoy the eye of a UI that is both functional and so visually attractive.

Video tutorial - create your own "Facebook profile page"