IMDb homepage

Experimental project created by the community of MDB

"IMDb homepage" by Marta Wierzbicka


The world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content recreated in Material Design 2.0 using MDB 5.

The project includes a home page with typical, advanced navigation and multiple media containers for presenting news and movies.

Live demo & source code

From the creator, about the project:


Marta Wierzbicka

Creating an IMDb project using the MDB package was based primarily on the appropriate photos and descriptions of movies and series, and from the design point of view, the most important element was the grid and carousels.

This design is unique in that the background is not white as standard, but black, so the entire color scheme is reversed. However, the dark background perfectly reflects the atmosphere and the movie theme, and the visual elements stand out perfectly against a dark background.

Creating a website about movies, series and culture, in general, was very pleasant, because, like everyone else, I love watching interesting and well-made films.