30 Bootstrap Navbar Examples

Bootstrap 5 Navbar examples & customization

A stunning collection of Navbar templates built with the newest Bootstrap 5. Navbar YouTube, Facebook, Amazon styles, Navbar with image, carousel, Navbar light, dark, gradient, transparent and many more.

If you want to learn more about the construction of the navbar and get to know the basic and advanced usage of this component - read the Navbar Docs.

Dark mode navbar with search

Navbar with profile dropdown

Gradient navbar

Double navbar with centered logo

Simple navbar with logo

Dark theme navbar with logo & search

Navbar with centered toolbar

Github-style navbar

Standard navbar menu

Partially transparent navbar with blur effect

Minimalistic navbar

Navbar with pastel background color

Transparent navbar

Navbar with centered logo

Navbar with mega menu

Navbar with organized mega menu

Navbar with extended mega menu with images

Navbar with categorized pictures dropdown

Navbar with newsfeed dropdown

Navbar with newsfeed dropdown v2

Navbar with sidenav toggle

Transparent navbar, fixed after scrolling v2

Change navbar background color on scroll

Navbar with side navigation

Dark double navbar with center search & sidebar toggle

Light double navbar with center search & sidebar toggle

Navbar with dark header

Navbar with light header

Navbar with cart icon