Bootstrap 6

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Bootstrap 6 - Release date, tutorials, download, latest news

Bootstrap 6 is the upcoming version of the most popular open source front-end framework in the world.

The fundamental concepts of Bootstrap, grid layout, responsiveness, contents of HTML and CSS-based components, will probably stay untouched in the sixth major release of Bootstrap. Nevertheless, on Bootstrap's official account on GitHub we can already observe the first changes to be introduced in the new version of Bootstrap 6, but at this moment they are not the crucial changes and Bootstrap team is going to take on the sixth version of Bootstrap, since less than 2 months ago they released Bootstrap version 5

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    Bootstrap 6 release date

    When should we expect a new, sixth version of Bootstrap?

    The exact time of Bootstrap 6 publication hasn't been confirmed by any official source yet, but you can already see the first changes to the project timeline appearing on Bootstrap's official GitHub account. Major version releases tend to be spread over years. Update from the initial release to the 2.0 version took two years. The third version was introduced only a year later but after that it took five long years for the team to develop a production ready fourth version. We had to wait another five years for the release of the latest fifth version of Bootstrap.

    Judging from the current v6 status we cannot predict the full sixth version of Bootstrap release.

    Bootstrap 6 tutorial

    Bootstrap 6 guide & education

    As we're still waiting, the guide to navigating in new environment isn't ready yet. You'll find the Bootstrap 6 tutorial under this link when it's out. You can also join the newsletter above and we'll notify you when documentation and tutorials for Bootstrap 6 are released.

    Download & documentation

    Here you can download the latest version of Bootstrap 5, released on May 5, 2021, that brings many new features. RTL support has been added, jQuery has been dropped and the project switched to plain JavaScript.

    Download Bootstrap 5 Documentation Tutorial