Bootstrap 5 tutorial

A collection of the best crash courses related to the newest Bootstrap 5

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most favored and dynamically evolving front-end framework.

It became the undeniable leader in web design. It is used and appreciated by millions of programmers across the world. It is hard to find a more effective tool than Bootstrap.

Considering its progressive development and the snowballing upsurge of projects based on this framework, every web designer or developer should at least be familiar with the basics of Bootstrap.

About Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap 5 brings many new features. jQuery was removed and the project switched to plain JavaScript. However, this is only the beginning of changes.

Summary of the most important changes:

  • RTL support has been added
  • jQuery was removed
  • Switch to Vanilla JavaScript
  • Drop Internet Explorer 10 and 11 support
  • Improved grid system
  • Improved documentation
  • Improved modularity
  • Improved forms
  • New responsive font
  • New utilities & helpers
  • Easier customization & theming
  • Lighter package
  • New API available

We have prepared for you free tutorials divided into 3 levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Bootstrap 5 stable finally released!

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Crash course for beginners in 1.5H


0:00 Introduction

2:49 What is Bootstrap?

4:48 Why to use Bootstrap?

6:45 Bootstrap components

7:12 What's new in Bootstrap 5?

12:50 What will happened to Bootstrap 4?

14:07 Installation

17:15 Bootstrap Grid

34:16 Buttons

36:46 Cards & Panels

42:40 Typography

46:05 Responsive images

49:52 Utilities

49:55 Spacing

58:48 Tables

1:01:50 Alerts

1:03:55 Toasts

1:07:40 Carousel / Slider

1:09:27 Scrollspy

1:11:55 Navbar, Navs, & Tabs

1:15:30 Offcanvas

1:17:10 Icons

1:18:48 Forms

1:21:15 Remaining components

Intermediate level - build your own projects from scratch

Build a landing page

Build a portfolio

Build a blog

Build an advanced landing page

Build an advanced portfolio

Build an advanced blog

Build a basic admin dashboard

Build a traffic admin dashboard

Build an order admin dashboard

Build an ecommerce listing website

Advanced level - create worldwide top websites from scratch

Build your own Trello board

Build your own Instagram

Build your own Facebook profile

Build your own Gmail app