How you should import MDB Angular Native modules:

All MDB Angular Mobile free modules should be imported from mdb-angular-mobile. All components are divided into separated modules, therefore it is possible to load only those components that are currently used in the application. Here you can find a list of all available modules:

MDB Angular Mobile Free Modules

Below you will find a brief description of how you should import MDB Angular Mobile Free modules:

            import { NgModule, NO_ERRORS_SCHEMA } from '@angular/core';
            import { NativeScriptModule } from 'nativescript-angular/nativescript.module';
            import { AppComponent } from './app.component';
            import { MdbButtonModule, MdbBadgeModule, MdbCardModule } from 'mdb-angular-mobile';
            import { NativeScriptRouterModule } from 'nativescript-angular';
                bootstrap: [AppComponent],
                imports: [
                declarations: [AppComponent],
                schemas: [NO_ERRORS_SCHEMA]
            export class AppModule {}