25 Bootstrap Footer examples

Bootstrap 5 Footer examples & customization

Footer is an important part of any website and serves as additional navigation. Footer is especially crucial in huge portals with complex navigation and hundreds of links and pages.

Official bootstrap documentation does not contain a Footer component, so we have prepared an impressive collection of free beautiful footer templates with exceptional design. All of them are responsive and compatible with the newest Bootstrap 5.

If you want to learn more about the construction of the Footer and get to know the basic and advanced usage of this component - read the Footer Docs.

Video tutorial

HTML footer

Advanced HTML footer

Light gray footer with header

Four column footer

Minimalistic footer with paragraph

Company details footer

Footer with search form

Three column elegant footer

Footer with logo

Four column elegant footer

Dark theme footer

Footer with newsletter section

Dark background footer with search form

Minimalistic elegant footer

Footer with social media buttons

Footer with company data

Advaned footer with sitemap links

Footer with images

Footer with embed (iframe) video

Footer with social media icons

Light theme social media buttons footer

Dark background social media buttons footer

Call to action footer

Light background footer with newsletter form

Black footer with newsletter form