Material Design for Bootstrap

Material Design for Bootstrap Academy

The most powerful Material Design UI KIT suited to universities and students needs.

Benefits coming with the partnership:

For universities and organizations:

  • MDB Pro for educational purposes

  • MDP Pro commercial license for the best students

  • Dedicated contests for your students

  • Dedicated webinars and lectures

  • Free consultations and support

  • 50% discount for commercial license


For students:

  • 30% discount

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MDB Academy stands for:


Principles of Front-End development

Our tutorials regard nomenclature, overall workflow and all that is connected with it.

Modern design patterns

Design changes quickly and it is of most importance to keep up with the latest trends.

Skills essential to the job market

There is not a single component in MDB that would not stand up to the needs of your future employer.

Responsive Web Design

RWD represents a fundamental shift in building websites for the decade to come.


Projects with real-life appliance

Everything that is made in the process of learning might be used down the road.

Responsive websites...

It doesn't matter on which device your projects will be displayed. MDB looks great on each screen.

...fitting a specific businesses

Lessons are focused on familiarizing you most essential needs regarding multiple fields.

Adjustable and customizable designs

Components flexibility allows deep customization and adjusting them to suit any needs.



Universities and student organizations interested in partnership should :

  • Provide us with a detailed plan for their use of MDB
  • Tell us about their marketing channeles (website, social media, newsletter etc.)
  • Name any other ways we could benefit from cooperation
  • Tell us how many students they want to involve and how do they want to reach them

Write to us at the address

Student discount

Students that verify their studentship by providing us with a scan of their student cards and an email sent from their university domain get 30% discount for any of our Pro licenses.

Write to us at the address

Monthly MDB contest

Once in a month, students who decide to participate in a contest might receive a free MDB Pro commercial license for their own personal use. The reward will be conferred on the best website created with MDB, chosen by our team.

Write to us at the address