Bootstrap 5 - Release date, tutorials, latest news

Bootstrap 5 is the upcoming version of the most popular open source front-end framework on the world.

The fundamental concepts of Bootstrap, grid layout, responsivness, contents of HTML and CSS-based components, will probably stay untouched in the fifth major release of Bootstrap. Nevertheless some of the crucial ideas, like usage of the jQuery library, have been challenged by many users in web development community and are likely to vanish in the next version of Bootstrap.

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Bootstrap 5 release date

When should we expect a new, fifth version of Bootstrap?

The exact time of Bootstrap 5 publication hasn't been confirmed by any official source yet. Major version releases tend to be spread over years. Update from the initial release to the 2.0 version took two years. The third version was introduced only a year later but after that it took five long years for the team to develop a production ready fourth version.

We also know that currently Bootstrap is at v. 4.1.3. And on 04.04.2019 72 of Bootstrap tasks were Done, 2 are In progress and 59 remain in To Do category. Judging from all of that we can predict that the fifth version of Bootstrap will be out somewhere in the first quarter of 2020 - our friends at getbootstrap team confirmed that the Alpha is expected to be released this year.

Bootstrap 5 expected to drop in 2020!
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Bootstrap without jQuery

Is pure JavaScript achievable in Bootstrap 5

The team officialy announced their plans to remove jQuery dependency in Bootstrap 5. The announcement received mixed opinions, some developers state that removing jQuery is a bad move due to its usefulness, while other believe that golden age of the library is over and it's time to move on.

Both sides have their reasons as jQuery is indeed a fairly aged project and remains almost umaintained, but offers very elegant solutions in some cases and is still widely used and considered a reliable tool.

Bootstrap 5 columns

Grid usage and layout in Bootstrap 5

The famous 12-column system which is the fundament of Bootstrap concept will almost certainly stay with us in Bootstrap 5.

Although in recent months the development is focused mostly on improving performance and reducing the loading time, the main idea of the project is still responsiveness. To this day, there was is no better way of solving the problem of different screen sizes than Bootstrap rows and columns.

Bootstrap 5 tutorial

Bootstrap 5 guide & education

As we're still waiting, the guide to navigating in new enviroment isn't ready yet. You'll find the Bootstrap 5 tutorial under this link when it's out. You can also join the newsletter below and we'll notify you when documentation and tutorials for Bootstrap 5 are released.

Changes in Bootstrap 5

Currently the major changes expected in v. 5 include:
  • Removing jQuery
  • Deprecated support for IE10
  • Dropping QUnit
  • Building testing infrastructure in Jasmine
  • Documentation rewritten in Hugo
  • General massive changes in JavaScript
  • General minor changes in CSS