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E-commerce dashboard template for shopping websites to create backend admin control panel, Bootstrap 5, Sketch, Figma

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Examples of premium components Bootstrap 5 and Material Design 2.0

Why to use Ecommerce-admin Dashboard?

Story behind...

There are tons of dashboard templates on the internet. Most of them are generic. They have bunch of components and elements. Developers spend time to create page for specific task. On other hand developers and programmers faced lots problem to customize for their own project, because those generic dashboard does not provide real use-case pages, for ex. page for adding product or sales information and so on. To solve the problem we made special e-commerce dashboard design. We also made HTML version of eCommerce admin pages with clean html code on Bootstrap 5.

About Admin panel made for e-commerce

It is not bunch of components, but ready solution for back-end teams. Simple and powerful e-commerce admin panel templates for every possible use cases. Detailed design which you will fall in love. We are trying to update regularly by implementing latest UI/UX solutions. Our vision is clear: Save time for ui designers and developers who involved in creating sales dashboard projects and admin for online shops.

Real world use cases

Ready to use simple e-commerce dashboard templates.
Admin sales dashboard ui designs with demo includes all necessary files to start project quickly.

Product pages (4 samples)
Add forms (4 samples)
Sellers (4 samples)
Seller profile (1 sample)
Settings (4 samples)
Orders list, Detail (3 samples)
Transactions (2 samples)
Login/Register (2 samples)


E-commerce Dashboard Kit

The templates are sold "as is" without new updates & support options.


  1. 25 responsive pages
  2. Sketch and Figma files
  3. HTML5 CSS SASS files
  4. Bootstrap 5
  5. Light + Dark mode