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Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for responses to frequently asked questions.

You can get a 30% discount for our Pro license if you provide us with a scan of your student card and a verification mail from your collage confirming that you are a part of their community.

Visit Material Design for Bootstrap Academy for details.

Yes, MDB is compatible with all operating systems and devices.
Of course! You can launch your project on any browser and it will look stunning in all of them.
Yes, but it may take some developer skills to find all the needed solutions on your own.
You can learn more about our license regarding each version on our license page.
We currently don’t have an offline documentation and we’re not planning on making it in the nearest future.
It’s quite easy. We’ve made a 5 Min Quick Start page to help you in getting MDB up and running.
Sure thing! Get in touch with us via our contact form with all the information you want to be included on the invoice and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Click the “account” icon in the right top corner of our website and then download MDB Pro from your account.
  • 1. Unzip MDB zip file

  • 2. Copy/paste the content into [yourAppFolder]/node_modules/material-design-bootstrap

  • 3. Create a package.json file and add it to the previous folder, with following content:

        "name": "materiel-design-bootstrap",
        "version": "4.2.0",
        "description": "Material Design for Bootstrap",
        "main": "js/mdb.js",
        "scripts": {
            "test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1"
        "author": "MDB",
        "license": "ISC"

  • 4. In your “client” folder, add the folowing line to the main.scss file: @import "{}/node_modules/materiel-design-bootstrap/sass/mdb.scss";

You can download the latest version from your account panel under the download section.

Once you buy MDB product e.g. MDB 4 Pro, all the future updates for this product are free. MDB 5, on the other hand, will be a completely new product and will require another purchase.

Currently MDB doesn't support RTL support. This is caused due to fact that Bootstrap doesn't support RTL itself.

Thanks to MDB, Bootstrap 4 is already stable and safe project.

We have started working with Bootstrap 4 in December 2015. Right now all our projects are moved to Bootstrap 4. You can also notice that 60 000 our users already use MDB4 with Bootstrap 4 and they are satisfied.

Couldn't find an answer for your question? Visit the support forum