Getting started

See how easy it is to install and use Material Design for Bootstrap 4.

This tutorial refers to MDB4 (based on the newest Bootstrap 4). If you are interested in MDB3 (and Bootstrap 3), click HERE.

Step 1: Choose your version

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Step 2: Install it

1. After downloading everything is ready to start.The folder you have downloaded contains both core bootstrap files and our framework files. Everything is linked and ready to use. Just open the file index.html and start to create some amazing thing!

2. In the menu on the left, you can find a list of all components you can you use with our framework. Explore and have fun!

3. If you need more help with installation, watch our 5 min Quick Start Guide:

5min Quick Start

4. To help you start, we have prepared a few nice starter templates. You can find it here:

Starter templates

5. Do you need something more? Have a look at our stunning Premium Templates

Premium templates

Step 3: Stay up to date

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Step 4: Start learning

With our tutorial, you will quickly learn how to create truly stunning projects.

Step 5: Join our community