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Powerful but simple tool, which will automate your Bootstrap project

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What exactly is BrandFlow?

Modals / Dynamic Content Manager

Create and manage your modals or any website content directly from the intuitive and clear dashboard

Rule and Scoring System

Rule engine dashboard which let you implement automation to your project

Tag Manager

A powerful tool for remote code injection and management

Analytics Dashboard

Clear and neat analytics dashboard to show, elaborate and make a right business decision based on performance of your website

What you can do with BrandFlow?

Changing the website content based on user action

You can display a specific content to the user who visited your website for the first time, and completely different to the returning visitor.

Using various methods triggering of Bootstrap modals

For example, you can trigger the modal based on a percentage of the scrolled page or time spent on the website or previously visited pages.

Creating a scoring algorithm

You can create a website which learns your user. By setting points to the user for visiting specific pages, clicking on crucial buttons and doing other important activities. Then, based on gained scores you can launch a dedicated action.

For example: if your website classifies the user as an engaged visitor and potential customer - it can display a special, highly personalized offer for him.

Creating a system for recovering shopping carts

Abandoned carts are one of the biggest problems of any e-commerce website. You can create a mechanism which decreases the number of abandoned carts and helps to increase sales.

Creating a related content system

Basing on user interest, you can create a mechanism to suggest him a similar content.

Creating automated marketing actions

You can display different prices and discounts based on various ads/traffic sources.

Web and behavioral analysis

You can measure if your website achieves your business goals. You can also analyze the behavior of your users and then automatically adjust the website to their needs.

Measure the user engagement and the effectiveness of your user interface

Stunning design it's not enough. Your user interface has to be clear and user-friendly. Thanks to BrandFlow you can measure if it works as expected.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Create your modal / component

Use our creator for rapid creation of required modals / component or chose among predefined templates.

Step 2:

Set a condition

Set new rule or scoring threshold which will trigger your modal / content.

You can use one of the schemes predefined by our team or choose any customer condition, like a scroll, click, page view and much more

Step 3:

Analyze the results

Verify your automation effects, compare different version of modal, rules, threshold and choose the best solution for your business.

MDB template displayed on iPad
Simple & Easy to Use

An intuitive Material Design UI cuts the complexity of marketing automation and splits it into smaller, digestible components.

Easy & fast integration with any Bootstrap project

Brandflow comes with out of the box integration with most popular web development tool

Technical support

With issues ranging from the smallest problems to greatest obstacles, our team is here for you.

Detailed documentation & lots of tutorials

We've got you covered with everything you need to know about the basic and advanced points of marketing automation.

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Easy and fast guide which lets you discover possibilities of BrandFlow.