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BrandFlow - Marketing Automation for Bootstrap

Powerful and free tool which will automate your Bootstrap project

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Trusted by 250 000 + developers & designers

What exactly is it?

Modals / Alerts Manager

Create and manage your modals directly from the intuitive and clear dashboard

Rule and Scoring System

Rule engine dashboard which let introduce marketing automation to your project

Tag Manager

Powerful tool to introduce and manage changes in your project without touching single line o of code

Analytics Dashboard

Clear and neat analytical dashboard to show, elaborate and make a right business decision based on your marketing automation results.

What can it do for you?

Engage your users

Suggest to your users right content in very the right moment thanks to marketing automation. Satisfy your customers' needs and enhance their engagement

Collect more leads

Our system will identify the most valuable leads for your business among all visitors and export the list to your sales team.

Increase your sales

The path from visitor to lead is long and winding. Our system will lead your user by the hand, step by step from very first visit till conversion.

Recover abandoned carts

If you didn't use abandoned cart recovery system most probably you have lost a lot of money. Our system allows you easily start recovering abandoned transactions.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Create your modal / alert

Use our creator for rapid creation of required modals / alerts or chose among predefined templates.

Step 2:

Set a condition

Set new rule or scoring threshold which will trigger your modal / alert.

You can use on of the schemes predefined by our team or choose any customer condition, like scroll, click, page view and much more

Step 3:

Analyze the results

Verify your automation effects, compare different version of modal, rules, threshold and choose the best solution for your business.

What else?

Dynamic forms

Use our forms to collect any data from your users.

You can create completely customized form from scratch or use one of our tailored templates.

Database storage

You don't need your own database to storage your collected data.

You can use our cloud storage for free.

Automated email marketing

Automated email marketing provides an effective connection with your targeted audience help to keep your customers / users updated on your company’s latest deals and news.

Examples of use

Side Modal for the New User, first time visiting our website

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  • Standard Scoring: 0 points
  • Scroll %: 80
  • Have Label: New user
Central Modal with the newsletter subscription form

Launch Live example


  • Standard Scoring: 10 points
  • Delay time: 30 sec
  • Has label: Free user
Side Modal with encouragement to learn more about our offer

Launch Live example


  • Standard Scoring: 40 points
  • Have seen Modal: Welcome Modal
  • Did not complete goal: Download Free
Side Modal with discount

Launch Live example


  • Scoring PRO: 40 points
  • Has label: Subscriber
  • Did not complete goal: Purchase PRO
Side Modal with feedback request

Launch Live example


  • Scoring Documentation: 80 points
  • Completed goal: Purchase PRO
Abandoned cart - discount

Launch Live example


  • Visited page: Checkout
  • Scoring Checkout: 5 points
  • Did not complete goal: Purchase PRO

...and even more:

MDB template displayed on iPad
Simple & Easy to Use

An intuitive Material Design UI cuts the complexity of marketing automation and splits it into smaller, digestible components.

Easy & fast integration with any Bootstrap or WordPress project

Brandflow comes with out of the box integration with most popular web development tools.

Technical support

With issues ranging from the smallest problems to greatest obstacles, our team is here for you.

Detailed documentation & lots of tutorials

We've got you covered with everything you need to know about the basic and advanced points of marketing automation.

Are you ready to start?

Learn more about Marketing Automation for Bootstrap

Marketing Automation tutorial

Easy and fast guide which lets you discover possibilities of Marketing Automation for Bootstrap


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