Easily add calendar to your app, create & manage events. Integrate with Google Calendar.


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About Calendar PLUGIN

MDB Plugins are created and designed with the purpose of extending the possibilities and power of MDB UI Kits. Although plugins work best with corresponding MDB tools (MDB Templates, MDB Pro) they can also be used on a standalone basis.

Thanks to Full Page Calendar plugin you will be able to easily create new events, manage current events, move existing events between other days, and integrate it with your Google Calendar.


Active community

Millions of professional developers - MDB is a web design standard thanks to them. We help & inspire each other every day.


Detailed tutorials, created with a step-by-step approach will help you with integrations, web design & best practices.

Material Design

State-of-the-art design focused on intuitivness & user experiance. Google-friendly looks based on official material guidelines.

Easy installation

3 minutes, a few clicks and... done. You will be surprised at how easy it is. You will start creating in no-time!

Modern look

Components crafted with care. Templates, sections, colors, fonts and other UI elements composed by professional designers.

Fully responsive

Mobile-friendly, desktop-friendly.. basically everything-friendly. MDB looks great on tablets, phones, laptops & huge screens.


Get Carousel Plugin and 10 more along with PRO features with MDB BUNDLE license. Learn about other plugins & PRO features below.

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Premium Plugins are available in the BUNDLE plan and Plugin Packs


Bootstrap WYSIWYG Editor is a lightweight plugin that enables rich text editing on your website. Learn more

Table Editor PLUGIN Pack

Table editor is an extension that allows you to create customized, fully editable tables. Learn more

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Name Position Office Age Start date Salary
Tiger Nixon System Architect Edinburgh 61 2011/04/25 $320,800
Garrett Winters Accountant Tokyo 63 2011/07/25 $170,750
Ashton Cox Junior Technical Author San Francisco 66 2009/01/12 $86,000
Cedric Kelly Senior Javascript Developer Edinburgh 22 2012/03/29 $433,060
Airi Satou Accountant Tokyo 33 2008/11/28 $162,700
Brielle Williamson Integration Specialist New York 61 2012/12/02 $372,000
Herrod Chandler Sales Assistant San Francisco 59 2012/08/06 $137,500
Rhona Davidson Integration Specialist Tokyo 55 2010/10/14 $327,900
Colleen Hurst Javascript Developer San Francisco 39 2009/09/15 $205,500
Sonya Frost Software Engineer Edinburgh 23 2008/12/13 $103,600
Jena Gaines Office Manager London 30 2008/12/19 $90,560
Quinn Flynn Support Lead Edinburgh 22 2013/03/03 $342,000
Charde Marshall Regional Director San Francisco 36 2008/10/16 $470,600
Haley Kennedy Senior Marketing Designer London 43 2012/12/18 $313,500
Tatyana Fitzpatrick Regional Director London 19 2010/03/17 $385,750
Michael Silva Marketing Designer London 66 2012/11/27 $198,500
Paul Byrd Chief Financial Officer (CFO) New York 64 2010/06/09 $725,000
Gloria Little Systems Administrator New York 59 2009/04/10 $237,500
Bradley Greer Software Engineer London 41 2012/10/13 $132,000
Dai Rios Personnel Lead Edinburgh 35 2012/09/26 $217,500
Jenette Caldwell Development Lead New York 30 2011/09/03 $345,000
Yuri Berry Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) New York 40 2009/06/25 $675,000
Caesar Vance Pre-Sales Support New York 21 2011/12/12 $106,450
Doris Wilder Sales Assistant Sidney 23 2010/09/20 $85,600
Angelica Ramos Chief Executive Officer (CEO) London 47 2009/10/09 $1,200,000
Gavin Joyce Developer Edinburgh 42 2010/12/22 $92,575
Jennifer Chang Regional Director Singapore 28 2010/11/14 $357,650
Brenden Wagner Software Engineer San Francisco 28 2011/06/07 $206,850
Fiona Green Chief Operating Officer (COO) San Francisco 48 2010/03/11 $850,000
Shou Itou Regional Marketing Tokyo 20 2011/08/14 $163,000
Michelle House Integration Specialist Sidney 37 2011/06/02 $95,400
Suki Burks Developer London 53 2009/10/22 $114,500
Prescott Bartlett Technical Author London 27 2011/05/07 $145,000
Gavin Cortez Team Leader San Francisco 22 2008/10/26 $235,500
Martena Mccray Post-Sales support Edinburgh 46 2011/03/09 $324,050
Unity Butler Marketing Designer San Francisco 47 2009/12/09 $85,675
Howard Hatfield Office Manager San Francisco 51 2008/12/16 $164,500
Hope Fuentes Secretary San Francisco 41 2010/02/12 $109,850
Vivian Harrell Financial Controller San Francisco 62 2009/02/14 $452,500
Timothy Mooney Office Manager London 37 2008/12/11 $136,200
Jackson Bradshaw Director New York 65 2008/09/26 $645,750
Olivia Liang Support Engineer Singapore 64 2011/02/03 $234,500
Bruno Nash Software Engineer London 38 2011/05/03 $163,500
Sakura Yamamoto Support Engineer Tokyo 37 2009/08/19 $139,575
Thor Walton Developer New York 61 2013/08/11 $98,540
Finn Camacho Support Engineer San Francisco 47 2009/07/07 $87,500
Serge Baldwin Data Coordinator Singapore 64 2012/04/09 $138,575
Zenaida Frank Software Engineer New York 63 2010/01/04 $125,250
Zorita Serrano Software Engineer San Francisco 56 2012/06/01 $115,000
Jennifer Acosta Junior Javascript Developer Edinburgh 43 2013/02/01 $75,650
Cara Stevens Sales Assistant New York 46 2011/12/06 $145,600
Hermione Butler Regional Director London 47 2011/03/21 $356,250
Lael Greer Systems Administrator London 21 2009/02/27 $103,500
Jonas Alexander Developer San Francisco 30 2010/07/14 $86,500
Shad Decker Regional Director Edinburgh 51 2008/11/13 $183,000
Michael Bruce Javascript Developer Singapore 29 2011/06/27 $183,000
Donna Snider Customer Support New York 27 2011/01/25 $112,000
Name Position Office Age Start date Salary

3d Carousel PLUGIN Pack

Check out all variations of ready to use 3d carousels! Control the display of your images or set up an autoplay, place the component horizontally or vertically. Learn more

Vector Map PLUGIN Pack

Vector Map plugin is an extension that helps you to show beautiful, scalable world, continents and countries maps. Easy to use, setup and customize. No API key needed - no hussle. Learn more

Filter PLUGIN Pack

Bootstrap Filter plugin is an extension perfect for introducing visitors to a number of images, which can be freely filtered depending on the category. Easy to use, setup and customize. Learn more

Color Picker PLUGIN Pack

Bootstrap Color Picker plugin allows you to select different colors. You can successfully use it in various product wizards, clothing sales, or other situations where you need to be able to choose a color. Learn more

Click the button below in order to change background color.

Click the dark square to activate a simple Color Picker

Change actual color and check how every color representation is described in the list

Calendar PLUGIN Pack

Thanks to this plugin you will be able to easily create new events, manage current events, move existing events between other days, and integrate with your Google Calendar. Learn more

Sortable PLUGIN Pack

Sortable plugin is an extension that allows you to move, reorder, sort and organize elements on your website by using drag and drop functionality. Learn more

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  • Item 3
  • Item 4
  • Item 5

Drag & drop PLUGIN Pack

Drag & drop plugin is an extension that allows you to move objects by clicking on them and dragging anywhere within the viewport. Learn more

Draggable panel

I'm draggable panel

Screen scroll PLUGIN pack

Bootstrap Full Screen Scroller plugin creates amazing one-page scrolling application with mouse and keyboard steering. You can make both vertically and horizontally scrolling sections, add scrollspy navigation and scrolling animations.Learn more

Drag & drop file upload PLUGIN pack

File Upload plugin is an extension that allows you to upload files by using drag and drop functionality. Easy to use, setup and customize. Learn more

Table Editor Plugin

Table editor is an extension that allows you to create customized, fully editable tables. Read docs


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Make use of our predefined templates for Admin Dashboards, Landing Pages, E-commerce & more

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Access thousands of additional plugins, add-ons, and snippets created by designers of the world

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With MDB Pro you have access to thousands of premium plugins, add-ons, ready to use snippets. From subtle web components to full app designs - spend less time working by reusing creative solutions developed by web designers!

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This complete and easy guide will teach you how to create stunning, responsive website and apps. Each lesson is provided with a series of practical examples and each of those examples brings essential web design knowledge.