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Angular vs. React vs. Vue

How to establish a path for growth in Web Development?

Currently, you have 3 options, learning Angular, React or Vue. It seems that those are the only technologies with the potential to cover the demands of the entire online world now and in the future.

We've prepared 3 simple guides for building a basic app in each of those technologies. Follow them step by step in order to understand the underlying nature of Angular, React & Vue and decide for yourself which one is for you.


New Angular Bootstrap Plugins

We just released 3 powerful extensions for Angular Bootstrap projects!

Data table Editor, Color picker, Drag&Drop.

Implement these features within minutes into your Angular projects, websites, and apps!


New Angular tutorial

In this tutorial we'll show you how to build some real App from scratch. Prepare environment, download necessary files and build a daily agenda application


MDB Front-End News - All News & Blogs in one place

We know how hard it's to keep up with all the new information popping up everywhere there in the front-end community.

But the industry is growing fast and every insider should track it.

That's why we decided to provide a solid directory with daily curated list of news from the world of web development.


MDB Angular Boilerplate

An open sourced Angular CRUD application starter with NgRx state management and Firebase backend – free for personal and commercial use.

Check it out and leave a star on GitHub!


Uber Bundle

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Uber Kit

Get all our Kits at once! Take advantage of 12000+ impressive collection of Material Design elements for jQuery, Angular, React & Vue.js technologies! 1800+ material icons! 12 months of professional support & updates!


MDB Angular Update v.7.4.4

Along with 7.4.4 version, we resolved a problem with accessibility in Table pagination, scrollbar and z-index in modal Autocompleter bug and few more. We added new features in Time picker and WYSIWYG plugin and new instructions on how to add new data to skin


MDB React Update v.4.12.0

In version 4.12.0 you will find lot's of resolved issues and rebuilt components, for example, fixed Admin Dashboard icons alignment, search and icons issue in Select. Some components have changed their usage due to react-popper update. Along with this update, we also developed an optional slim design of SideNav.


MDB jQuery Update v.4.7.6

MDB 4.7.6 was shipped with high improvements of Blog/Magazine/Ecommerce/Landing Page together with fixed bugs, cleared code HTML, improved syntax of SCSS and updated JavaScript files. We added new Material 2.0 inputs, outline Material Select, navigation composition with slim side-nav and much more.


MDB Vue Update v.5.1.2

This version contains some crucial updates related to modal transitions, file input is now able to reset on user demand, or dropdown toggler props extension. We also refactored Datepicker and Time picker components, and updated Dependencies (Vue 2.610 included).