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Front end technologies, trends and news – 2018 September

Who has gained and who has lost?

Whether the crown belongs to someone else?

Summary of the latest month of front-end technology trends

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Vue Admin Pro is out


The most popular Material Design for Bootstrap template now in PRO version for Vue JS. Lots and lots of new features and components. Check out our latest work now!

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React Dashboard - Free Template

You've been waiting for it! The most popular and useful Material Design template containing different styles of dashboards, data presentations, and numerous insightful components

  Admin Dashboard React version for Free.

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MDB jQuery Update - version 4.5.10

With that version of MDB user have a lot of fixed bugs and medium improvements like adding new cards or .updated animations. We did what users alarmed us on the support forum. Also, few bugs in Material Select has been fixed.

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MDB Angular Update - Version 6.2.3

This release brings a lot of resolved problems like label in date picker, fixed buttons where one button overlapped another and much more. There are many docs changes. Also, it comes with new docs for File Input and Accordions. Syntax changes in Tabs and Navs component.

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MDB React Update - Version 4.7.1

This update brings many improvements in the existing components like Modal(improved animation), Navlink(got waves effect) and more. We added Double Navigation with fixed SideNav and SideNav & fixed Navbar. We also fixed issues reported by our community.

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MDB Vue Update - Version 4.6.0

With this version, we updated inputs and added some new methods. Also, time picker has been upgraded, data tables got some new functionalities and we expanded our documentation for those components.

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