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Uber Bundle

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Uber Kit

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NextJ.js & MDB React

Materialize your Next.js project with MDBootstrap for React.

Building the Server Side Rendered app with Next.js offer to you many cool features.

With this quick guide get to know what it gives, and mix those two products together.


Gatsby & MDB React

Imagine the world where our page is as fast as static HTML pages and at the same time dynamic and interactive.

Well, now you don't have to, thanks to static site generator such as GatsbyJS, you can achieve this in your MDB React project today!

Here is a quick explanation of how to get started with Gatsby & MDB.


Vue tutorial

Don't just look how the star is rising, join and be part of it.

Let's build some real App with Vue.

Learn many powerful and useful technologies, with a simple and free Vue tutorial.


React tutorial

Develop from scratch your own app. We guide step by step from basic to advanced concepts of React technology.

Learn the most powerful JavaScript library.


JavaScript tutorial

The entire internet is built with JavaScript. There will be no better time to start learning it, than here and now. Check this tutorial arranged on a clear path, leading you level by level in basics of programming.


HTML Tutorial

Any future developers watching?

We've got something special for you!

  • 2 parts
  • 20 chapters
  • 25+ live examples
  • and ∞ possibilities for further growth!

Check out our HTML5 for beginners right now!


CSS Tutorial

CSS is the foundation of the Internet.

Those 18 lessons will guide you through the basics of it, into designing your own projects.

This tutorial is a must-do for every aspiring web designer out there!

Start learning now!


MDB Angular Update v.7.4.0

In this version, we resolved problems with our modules and tree shaking. It is now possible to import only those modules you need in your application, which will significantly reduce bundle size. We added new features in Select, Multiselect, and Tabs. Documentation was significantly updated, for example in Switch, Borders, and Overflow. We also updated Bootstrap to the newest version (4.2.1).


MDB React Update v.4.10.0

Starting from version 4.10.0 our library supports ES6 modules system which implies many significant improvements - most importantly - it solves the problem with SSR, which was reported by our community. From now on, our library can be used on the server side. To make implementation quick and easy our team has prepared official starters for those, who want to use MDB React with NextJS and Gatsby. Switching to rollup let us solve the problem with tree-shaking, which will significantly reduce javascript bundle size in the client-side applications.


MDB jQuery Update v.4.7.1

MDB 4.7.1 update brings improvements in inputs to Material 2.0 version. Created slim-nav or removed hammer.js dependency from PRO package. Fixed a few bugs, for example, dropdown in tabs, overwriting text color in buttons and more.


MDB Vue Update v.5.1.0

This Vue package contains a series of new features such as Spinners, Mobile-friendly Carousel, E-commerce or Blog Components and many others.