Angular 6 tutorial – creating an Angular Bootstrap app, step by step

Author: Dawid Adach


What will you learn

Along this course you will also learn many powerful and useful technologies such as:

Angular 6
Angular 6

The newest Angular 6 including most recent features. Technology used by Google, Wix, and Forbes.

Angular CLI
Angular CLI

Angular Command Line Interface which allows speeds up your development. Creation of projects, classes, services have never been easier.


Typescript is a superset of JavaScript which allows you to use extended functionalities which were reserved till now to more advanced languages like Java or C++.

sass logo

Within this tutorial you will also learn how to use Node Package Manager to easily install and maintain your project dependencies.

Cross platform

Regardless whether you are using Windows, macOS or Unix - this tutorial show you how to use Angular on each operating system.


If you have ever wonder why some websites are blazing fast you should continue reading. This tutorial will guide you how to build Single Page Application, which works without reloading.


Within this tutorial you will learn about Responsive Web Development - in other words, how to build a website which looks awesome on each device. Regardless whether it's 30-inch monitor or smartphone screen.

material design for bootstrap logo

This tutorial will also teach you how to combine 2 powerful tools - Bootstrap and Material Design to achieve an outstanding effect on your website or an application.

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