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Node.js and NPM installation

Node.js is a software that allows us to use JavaScript on backend and connect our web apps with servers. It is also neccesary to launch and use MDB GO.

NPM is the package manager for the Node.js . To put it simply - it allows us to easily find any package / plugin / software etc. and install it in our project.

Installing both of these things is very simple. Just follow the steps listed below.

Skip this steps if you already have Node.js and NPM installed. If you are unsure if you have them installed, open a terminal and type node -v and npm -v . If the terminal shows you the version numbers, it means they are already installed. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

Go to the and click the button to download it.

You will see 2 buttons there - LTS on the left, and Current on the right. It does not really matter what version do you chose, but just to simply not to overthink it choose the version on the right ("Current").

Once downloaded, run the file, accept the terms and just click "Next" until the installation is complete.

After the installation is complete, you can see the terminal window as in the screenshot below. Click any button to proceed.

Now let's check if the installation was successful. Launch the terminal (if you are using Windows, type "cmd" in the system search and run Command Line app / on MacOS, search for the "terminal" application).

Then type node -v in the terminal and click enter. You should see the version of the installed node.js software like on the screen below (note your version may be different as an update may have come out since this tutorial was published).

Node.js and NPM are installed together, so there is no need to perform additional steps for installing NPM. To make sure that NPM has also been properly installed, type the npm -v command and see if the terminal shows you the version number.

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