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We have already created our repository and learned the basics of Git. Now it's time to learn how to work as a team on our project.

Step 1 - go to MDB GO dashboard

Go to the MDB GO dashboard and click on the name of the project where you created the repository and to which you want to add new team members. I will choose the mdb-uikit-tutorial project:

Then click on the Access tab:

Step 2 - add a new member


  1. (Red frame) Enter the email address or username of the person you want to add to this project (remember that they must have an account on MDB GO)
  2. (Blue frame) Select the role you want to assign to the user>
  3. (Green frame) Click the Add member button to send an invitation to this user
Role Description
developer Publish and edit
reporter Only display
owner Full access to the project
Transfer of the ownership

Using this module, you can also transfer ownership of your project to another user - just add the owner role to him.

And that's all! Now you and your team can collaborate on this project and use the knowledge from previous lessons to work on a common repository.

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