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MDB GO and MDB CLI installation

As we mentioned earlier, MDB GO is a platform that offers free hosting and tools for creating and deploying websites and web applications.

MDB CLI is the Command Line Interface for MDB GO. To put it simply - thanks to MDB CLI you can use the functionality of MDB GO and manage your projects directly through your computer's terminal. This greatly improves the work and as any experienced developer will tell you - the terminal is an essential tool for programmers.

Installation of MDB GO and MDB CLI is extremely simple and consists of just three steps.

Step 1 - create MDB account
Skip this step if you already have an MDB account (which you set up at or )

To use MDB GO you need an MDB account. You can create them for free at this link.

It is best if you register using your email address. This will make it easier for you to use your account in the terminal afterwards.

Fill out the form, register and confirm your email address.

Step 2 - install MDB CLI
Skip this step if you already have MDB CLI installed.

Launch a terminal and enter the following command. Then confirm it by clicking enter.

        npm install -g mdb-cli

Enter the mdb -v command in the terminal to check if the MDB CLI was installed correctly. If, like in the screenshot below, you see the version number (remember that it may differ) then everything is fine.

Step 3 - log in to the MDB account in the terminal

To log in to MDB GO, in the terminal type the mdb login command and press enter.

Then enter your username and password that you set when registering your MDB account.

Alright, all set up and we are ready to start our work!

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