Can any competitor dethrone Java? Who, why and how?

Topic: Can any competitor dethrone Java? Who, why and how?
Published 07.08.2019 Updated 07.08.2019

Divyesh Aegis posted 2 weeks ago

Java is an extremely popular programming language and there are millions of reasons that make it a perfect choice of a vast range of industries. As Java is an open source and platform independent programming language therefore, it is preferred by a lot of Java development companies across the world. Java based program is capable of running on any operating system, irrespective of the type of processor, and where the program is actually being written makes. At the same time, Java can also be used to develop interesting dynamics web apps. That’s not it, there are tons of other Java features as well that make it a top choice of the industry, like, JSP, JavaBeans, JDBC Java Applets etc. Though, Java is an adept language, but there are many languages that are posing a tough competition for Java and one of them is C#. 

Is C# is a tough competitor for Java?

Developed by Microsoft, C# is an advanced programming language. Since its inception in the year 2000, the company is taking various steps to make C# far better. It is developed on the top of C and C++. However, what makes it better than these languages is the fact that C# is much easier. Also, there are millions of libraries for C# which are apt to perform a wide range of tasks. This programming language is regarded as an official programming language for .NET framework, and directly or indirectly, it is also considered as one of the official programming languages which are used for Windows development. It is used to build strong apps for Linux, Mac-OS and Raspberry Pi. 

C# is one of the easiest programming languages 

C# has a host of features, but at the same time, it is not very complicated and is quite easy to learn as well. Being a high-level language, it is used to create advanced apps, but still it is not tough to read and understand. C# is a statically-typed programming language, thus, coding is done more acutely. As, the codes are checked on a constant basis, before they are actually changing to an app. Also, errors can be managed more conveniently through this programming language. 

C# is one of the most advanced programming languages, and it also eradicates the problem of memory leak. It has a high memory backup. And, that is the main reason why the memory leak issue is dodged.

Java is one of the efficient, safe and powerful programming language in the world and that is why it is rapidly moving up the success ladder. One of the key features that give it an extra edge is the fact that it can fetch the flaws at the time of compiling, and the error management is much stronger. And, it even has an inbuilt garbage collector. There are several other reasons to love Java, but there is no doubt about the fact that languages like C# or Python are also becoming more popular with the passage of time. And, they are definitely giving a tough competition to Java. 

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