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When we send push notifications, best practice is to keep track on their click rate. BrandFlow gives us possibilites to analize views and clicks via Push Performance feature.

Checking the Performance

  1. In BrandFlow navigate to Push Notifications/Performance
  2. You'll see Notifications Performance Chart - it's representing activity from all your push notifications.
  3. Next to the chart you'll find a total number of clicks, average clicks per notification and percentage change.
  4. In the table below you can see the list of notifications you send. Under notification title, you can check specific Segment and Target.
  5. You can explore data and compare single notifications performance indicators like views, clicks, and click-thru-rate.
  6. To define Performance time range use dropdown menu in top-right corner or choose custom time range via Time Picker input next to it.


When displaying performance within one day time range - BrandFlow is going to show it on hourly basis.

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